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Decorative decals are an elegant and original way to transform your living room, bedroom, office, or bathroom in a matter of minutes. You don’t have to be a renovation pro to apply them either! Application is quick and easy… and the result is

worthy of a master painter! Furthermore, the decorative stickers can adhere to all smooth surfaces, including walls, glass, furniture, ceramic, and mirrors.




Perhaps you’ve used stencils in the past. When it came time to change your décor, not only did you have to repaint the wall, but you had to sand the surface beforehand in order remove any embossment from the layer of stencilled paint. Or perhaps you’ve fed your inner artist by creating your own wall decal using vinyl purchased in a craft store. Your satisfaction was probably short-lived as you attempted to remove the decal only to see that your wall paint came right off along with it.


Rest assured that such awful moments are in the past for good; our wall decals are easy to remove and will not damage your paint. The adhesive is specifically designed for use on walls; it is strong enough to stay in place for years, but gentle enough so as to leave no trace behind on your paint once it is removed. To remove the decal, simply scrape off one of the corners with your nail and gently pull.




Show off your new painting skills to your guests—they won’t suspect a thing! Our decals are made with a matte finish (just like paint) that blocks any unwanted reflections of light. And because the vinyl is very thin, it perfectly forms to the texture of the wall. Essentially, unless your nose is firmly pressed to the wall, you will not see that it is a fine vinyl film rather than a layer of paint decorating it. Above all, make sure not to confuse wall decals with stickers printed onto transparent plastic film.




You’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for among our dozens and dozens of exclusive decal models. Notably, Idésif offers sports designs for young boys, trendy motifs for teens, cute animals for kids, and large arabesques for naked walls.


On top of our many designs, available in various colours and sizes, a custom design and wall lettering service is also provided.




The transfer paper, a transparent and slightly adhesive film, covers the decal and ensures that all parts are kept together. If you are putting up a sentence, for example, you won’t have to apply each letter separately—everything will stay perfectly aligned. And in an effort to make your life even easier, the stickers (with the exception of the larger models) are made of one single piece. So you no longer have to worry about matching up each part like a jigsaw puzzle!


See installation instructions.




Idésif specializes in producing customized wall decals. Thanks to its talented team of illustrators, Idésif can create personal designs that reflect the ideas you have in mind. The sky is the limit for Idésif artists, and they can create a vast array of styles, portraits, unique model designs, custom phrases and quotes, etc. All you have to do is submit your photograph or drawing to, making sure to specify the size and colour of your choice.




A detailed estimate is always sent for approval within two to three business days of receiving the documents. Design and vectorization fees must be paid before work begins on the wall decals. 


In general, fees for custom design vary between 50$ and 140$. Since part of the work must be done by hand, the cost of the wall decal varies mainly according to the complexity of its design and its height. A preview is always sent for approval before making sticker. 




Users of vector graphic software can create their own design. A fee of $10.00 applies for opening and converting any vector graphic file ready to be cut. Idésif accepts the following vector file formats: AI, EPS, PDF, CDR, and FS. None of the above fees include the decal itself or the shipping. Since part of the work must be done by hand, the cost of the wall decal varies mainly according to the complexity of its design and its height. Please note that a minimum fee of 45$ is applied for a custom design.  




Autocollant muraux corporatifsDisplay your logo behind your business reception desk or motivate your employees with inspiring quotes: wall decals are particularly interesting as decoration. 
Autocollant muraux corporatifs