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Please note that certain products may be slightly different than the illustration appearing on the Site.




The present contract and documents mentioned herein constitute the entire agreement between IDESIF and customer with respect to the object herein. IDESIF's failure to insist on the strict application of a particular clause of this contract or its failure to require compliance therewith shall not be interpreted as a renunciation to the application of a particular clause or the exercise of a particular right. In the event that a competent court shall judge a provision contained herein to be null, invalid or not enforceable, such judgment shall have no impact on the other provisions of the present contract.

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IDESIF shall not be responsible for not executing any of its obligations towards customer, nor of the damages or loss customer may incur or suffer from, in the event that the non-execution is a result of force majeure or circumstances beyond IDESIF's control.

If IDESIF is found responsible, this responsibility would be applicable to the amount paid by the customer when purchasing the product. Nevertheless, the customer benefits of all the rights and obligations that a customer can have under any applicable law and regulation.




IDESIF is committed to protecting your privacy.

When you decide to provide IDESIF with personal information such as your e-mail address when subscribing to our newsletter, you're demonstrating your trust in us. That's why IDESIF does everything possible to protect your personal information.

IDESIF uses the personal information you agree to send us solely for the purpose of sending you information you've asked to receive. Also, you can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time.




IDESIF insures, on a continual basis, protection of the information provided by customer. IDESIF has installed security devices to insure the confidentiality of the information provided by customer at the time the order is placed. Nevertheless, no security device is perfect and customer must understand that there is always a risk that a third party intercepts information, without permission, sent to IDESIF. IDESIF declines any responsibility for the foregoing, unless IDESIF has been negligent.

Please note that in ensuring customer's security, no information regarding customer's credit card is stored in the servers used by IDESIF all financial transactions are made by PayPal (for more info:




IDESIF requires that you transmit your name, address, email address and other information with your consent while purchasing a product. To the extent possible, IDESIF will provide you with the means to verify that the confidential information transmitted is accurate and up-to-date.


Customer information allows IDESIF to open an account in your name, to process your order, to customise your shopping experience, if you so authorise us, to send you a customised Newsletter. IDESIF would like to inform you that its advertisers and/or partners do not, at any time, have access to confidential customer information. In addition, IDESIF does not sell its lists of users. You always have the option to request from IDESIF that you no longer want to receive the Newsletter by email. 




The Site contains certain links to websites operated by other companies. By connecting to these links, customer will no longer be on the Site. IDESIF has no control over the other websites and IDESIF shall not be held responsible even if such link is part of the Site. We recommend that customer pays particular attention to the policies contained on those sites with respect to confidential information.



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IDESIF takes every effort to ensure that the product information displayed on the Website is accurate. However, IDESIF does not guarantee that a product description, or any other content on,, or, is accurate, complete, reliable, up to date, or free of errors.


If you receive a product displayed on,, or that does not correspond to its description, your only recourse is to return it to us in its original condition.



The price payable for each product ordered is the one appearing on the Site for that product at the time of customer's purchase. All prices are stipulated in Canadian dollars.


Shipping and handling charges, as well as all applicable sales taxes, shall be added to the price of the product.


IDESIF reserves the right to modify the price of products offered on the Site at any time and without any further notice.


Prices of the products offered on the Site may differ from the prices, for the same products, offered for sale by IDESIF's retailers.



Payment by credit card via PayPal is the only form of payment that will be accepted for purchases made through the Site. Visa, MasterCard and America Express shall be accepted. For other form of payment, please contact us by email at Please note that when customer places an order through the Site, customer shall receive by email, shortly thereafter, confirmation from IDESIF. Such confirmation shall constitute customer's preliminary invoice.



In order to cancel an order placed through the Site, customer shall send an email or customer shall phone, without charge, the following number, 1-855-543-1511, requesting the cancellation of the order.

Please indicate the order number mentioned in the confirmation received by IDESIF. IDESIF will, within a reasonable delay, credit the customer's credit card account for the amount of customer's purchases. 




Customer's payment shall be complete and accepted prior to the delivery of the products;


Delivery of customer's order shall be subject to the rules of Canada Post or any other delivery company designated by IDESIF. In the event that customer is absent at the time of delivery to customer's address, it shall be customer's responsibility to recuperate the products according to the rules set out by the delivery company;


IDESIF, through the delivery company, will deliver the products to the address customer indicated in his order;


Shipping and handling charges are not charged on a per product basis but by order (various products constitute a single order);


Delivery of customer's order will be made by IDESIF, through the delivery company, within a reasonable delay after IDESIF's acceptance of customer's order. The delays, shipping and handling charges may vary according to the availability of the products;




If any problem occurs, someone from our Sales Departement will contact you. You can also contact us either by email or by telephone: 1-855-543-1511

To expedite the verification process, make sure to have your reference number in hand. To this end, we suggest that you print your confirmation email.




IDESIF shall accept product returns, without any penalty, within 30 days following the delivery of the product. The product or products returned shall be accompanied by the invoice.


IDESIF shall not assume any shipping and handling charges required to return the products. Customer shall assume the delivery charges and the risks of loss or damage to the products that customer wishes to return, except if you ship from Canada or United-States, using the option ''Return to sender'' available at your post office.


For the returned products, any amount charged on customer's credit card for these products, other than the delivery fees, will be credited as soon as possible provided that the products are in the same condition as when they were delivered to customer.


All custom or personalized items are final sale – no return or refund may be made.


Items in liquidation are considered final sale: items may be exhanged but no refund may be made.


However, if IDESIF did not deliver the products which you ordered, IDESIF will assume all delivery fees and risks of loss and damages. In this last case, IDESIF will assume all delivery charges and risks of loss or damage if customer returns the products through a delivery company that guarantees against risks of loss and damages.


Finally, please note that customers will not be able to return any product that is not in its original packaging, unless the product is defective. IDESIF will pay for the return of any defective items if they remain unused.